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November 14, 2011


Wanjiku seeks audience
From children of nobility-
Or from those of captivity
Someone spare her answers
When did things go wrong?
Or right for the haves?
Where was she during liberation?
When did slumber capture her?
Or light shine for haves?
Who would be her liberator?
She wonders and ponders

November 14, 2011


It itches as a rash,
But you say it’s a crash.
The wrong one loves right?
If it isn’t what it is,
What is it that it is?
If it isn’t love,
Want to know what love is.
You wish I leave her alone?
My heart won’t live alone.
Giving her up will I not,
Giving in must I plot?
She gives sleepless night.
Believe me not a meal.
My heart is ever ill,
Needs her love to heal.

November 14, 2011


Goodbye I say to loneliness,
As I face a future of brightness,
With you the love of my life.
Let love be the fuel for our journey,
Let God refill our hearts daily.
I let a cold yesterday go,
As a tomorrow with you glows.
Yesterday we were two,
Let the future define us as one.

November 14, 2011


Carefulness verses carelessness;
Freedom I lack from the former,
plan I lack from the later.
Selflessness verses selfishness;
Poor self I get from the former,
Undesirable self I get from the later.
Ambitiousness verses ambitionless;
Hope and faith comes from the former,
Lack of worry comes with the later.
Extravagance verses meanness;
Joy filled life I get from the former,
Assured future is promised by the later.
Burning bridges verses saving bridges;
I work hard in the former,
I relax with the fall back in the later.
Over-eating verses under-eating;
Obesity is my killer with the former,
Malnutrition spoils me with the later.
Religion verses atheism;
A fanatic I become from the former,
Purposeless life I lead in the later.